Nashayla, Justice, and Jordan Glenn

CORE “Family”: Nashayla (12), Justice (6), Jordan (8), Nicole Gatlin (mother)

Year of Grant: 2016

Connection to Industry: Nicole worked at Papa John’s in Las Vegas, NV.

CORE Grant Details: CORE helped Nashayla’s family by paying rent, car insurance, and car payments for a few months, and sending an iPad for Nashayla so she can do schoolwork and stay entertained during the long days in the hospital. Thank you to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation for referring Nashayla to CORE!

When Nashayla was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Haemosiderosis, a lung condition without a known cause, she was brought to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT from her home in Las Vegas, NV. Nashayla was referred to CORE by the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, a great partner of CORE. She began a stem cell trial to replace her damaged cells, and has been in the hospital since March 2016. Nashayla’s mom Nicole has been having to drive back and forth from Las Vegas to see her daughter, while Nashayla’s grandmother stays with her in the hospital in Utah. On top of driving back and forth–about a five hour drive each way–Nicole takes care of her two younger children, Justice and Jordan. The family has struggled to deal with the distance and the unexpected expense, and Nicole has done an amazing job of keeping her family together during this time!